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Beautiful setting at Mansfield Traquair 

Charles and Martin had oodles of fun in their humanist wedding ceremony. It was at Mansfield Traquair in Edinburgh. The setting was splendid. Mansfield Traquair is definitely one of my favourite venues in the world. They walked up the aisle together. We began with welcomes, and then we explained the google definition of commitment. You should google the word commitment – I promise you it’s interesting.

Their humanist wedding ceremony story and funny vows 

Their fantastic story began with their first meeting in the Tunnel Club. And the couples’ vows were magnificent: Martin’s first vow to Charles was ‘I promise to love you even though you are afraid of the hoover’. And Charles’ first two pledges to Martin were: ‘I promise to always annoy the life out of you, in a constructive way! I pledge to listen to your advice, always pretend not to take it, then sometimes do.’

What Martin and Charles said about their humanist wedding ceremony at Mansfield Traquair

“We wanted a humanist wedding because it is personal, celebratory and casual all at the same time. It’s a way of talking about your love and life together without too much structure or memorising of phrases. It really allows you to be comfortable and enjoy every moment.

“The highlight for us was, of course, was celebrating our love for each other and having a special day with all of our loved ones and friends. In terms of the ceremony itself, it was the ability to make it our own. To write our own vows have our pick of different elements such as a handfasting. Plus we got to know Caroline over the weeks and she made us feel extremely comfortable and confident in what we had to do when.

Caroline was charming, funny and lovely. We instantly felt comfortable around her and she was able to explain everything without overwhelming us. On the day she was very happy for us and again made everything seem easy.

We recommend Caroline to everyone who even mentions looking for a celebrant. We would usually just say she is lovely, easy-going and makes everything seem easy and relaxing.”

Beautiful images courtesy of Lauren McGlynn