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Joanna and Tim had an extraordinary humanist wedding ceremony at Woodside Park Club last October. They took a DIY approach to their autumn-themed décor, pumpkins were artfully sculpted and chiffon beautifully draped. The couple involved their parents in the ceremony drinking from the Quaich with them, They had Fixer Upper from Frozen as a reading from one of their friends.

They chose the beautiful gesture of a ring warming with their guests, each person there, holding the wedding bands and expressing their love and best wishes to the couple then passing the rings onto their neighbour sitting next to them. We all sang Pharrell William’s ‘Happy’.

Joanna and Tim’s vows were authentic and deep and then they sealed their union with a kiss. The grand finale was Tim and Joanna giving each other a high five under the arch, they came down off the stage and had a quick group shot for the photographer with all their loved ones, then down the aisle to cheers and billows of confetti, then a quick change of clothes and ta-da – Joanna and Tim performed an outstanding aerobatic gymnastic display which exemplified their love and commitment to one another. Utterly amazing!

This is what Tim and Joanna had to say about their humanist wedding ceremony.

We loved that we could have a personal ceremony. We liked being able to choose to have a number of elements that involved our friends and family – like the ring-warming, having a communal song, and using a Quaich. We loved having our own vows and having a lot of humour going through our ceremony, in the stories and readings that it contained.

We met Caroline a couple of times before the big day and found her really friendly, upbeat, and supportive. She helped us come up with the structure for the ceremony (which is quite a daunting task when you first start!) and was really helpful for bouncing our ideas around. On the day she naturally fitted into the day, and it was great that she was happy to join us a little before and after the ceremony to meet some of the important people in our lives
We would definitely recommend Caroline as a celebrant.

Caroline was so helpful and supportive in the run-up to the day which made a big difference to us, both in putting together a ceremony we were happy with and in making us feel supported. On the day her sunny demeanour made her a great celebrant, and she really engaged with how we wanted our ceremony to play out.

Wonderful photos courtesy of Josh Dicker Weddings