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Mairi and Tom’s wedding was beautiful. The perfect setting was in their beloved flat in Edinburgh that had such a special place in their hearts. The two of them are very creative Mairi is a children’s book publisher and Tom is a children’s book illustrator. The interior of their flat was stunning, decorated in a warm grey with accents of blue and their charity shop finds of mid-century furniture and wonderful collections of books.

Their wedding ceremony was so personal they had their friend Emma reading a John Hegley Poem

A Declaration of Need
By John Hegley
I need you like a bully needs to boast.
I need you like an ocean needs coast.
I need you like a doggy needs a lampost
I need you like a copper needs a crook.
I need you like a cranny needs a nook.

I need you like a lookalike needs somebody to look like.

I need you like a zoo needs a giraffe.
I need you like a psycho needs a path.
I need you like King Arthur needed a table
that was more than just a table for one, I need you like a novel needs a plot.
I need you like the greedy need a lot.
I need you like a hovel needs a certain level of grottiness
to qualify.
Like acne cream needs spottiness.
I need you. Oh yes, I do, Like a calendar needs a week.
Like a colander needs a leak.
Like humans need to seek out what life on Mars is.
Like hospitals need vases.
I need you like a kiwi needs a fruit.
I need you like a wee wee needs a route, out of the body.
I need you like Noddy needed small ears,
just for the contrast, I need you like bone needs marrow.
I need you like straight needs narrow.
I need you like the broadest bean needs something else on the plate
before it can participate
in what you might describe as a decent meal.
I need you like a cappuccino needs froth.
I need you like a candle needs a moth
if it’s gonna burn its wings off.


They also had ‘May you always’ by Alexander McCall Smith in both English and Gaelic read by another friend. They had a friend singing in the ceremony and another friend Hamish was on the bagpipes and after a lovely well –wishing they had ‘Let’s Get Married’ by the Proclaimers played on their vintage record player! Friends Ollie Hughes and Sheila MacDonald took their photographs.

The couple said this: “Thanks to Caroline we were able to have the most personal, perfect ceremony in our own home in Edinburgh. Caroline was just the loveliest celebrant and such a nice person to spend time within the lead-up too. She led us through the process step-by-step and made it so easy and clear. We felt in safe hands, with lots of space to personalise the ceremony to our heart’s content.

Lots of our friends read, sang and played and with Caroline there it felt like we had another friend to support us and share the day. One of our friends wrote ‘I would have walked from London and back for these twenty minutes of ceremony. One of the best weddings ever.’ Can’t thank Caroline enough or recommend her highly enough to other couples wishing to make their day truly special.” Tom and Mairi Morgan-Jones.